Marker Rendering Workshop

From the drawing workshop Gareth conducted last term, this morning he followed it on with a marker rendering workshop. This was something I felt was most useful as I hadn’t been introduced to marker rendering until I began the course and this provided me with the basic skills. I found it relatively easy to do although my sketches didn’t look correct because I didn’t have close shades, however I did get the hang of what to do and Gareth agreed with my personal criticism.

Since the workshop I feel my rendering has come on greatly with my drawing skills I now have a better set of markers with a wide range of shades for each colour which has helped dramatically!

img039 img038


img041 img040



Drawing Workshop

This morning Gareth Barham lead a drawing workshop to introduce us to new techniques in the hope to improve the communication of our sketches. He began by setting a 30 second task to sketch specific products we had already used this morning, would see in a garden shed and over Christmas. This was to get the hang of not being too precious over sketching and communicating ideas fast. Gareth then set the same task but for a longer time to improve on the same principle but to add more detail and illustrate what the product does and the benefits. The final task was to sketch a detailed design of our products from project 3 for criticism by another peer of how we could improve the communication and then re sketch the other peers product to make it better.

img043 img044


img046 img047


Maker Bot Induction

Today I was given an induction by Keith, the other technical demonstrator in product design, on how to use the Maker Bot. I have never used a 3D printer in school or sixth form before but had researched into them for projects so I have an understanding of what they do and are used for. Keith demonstrated the basic settings and functions of the ‘Makerware’ software and also the Maker Bot itself. He then set a basic program running so we could watch how the Maker Bot creates the model. This machine is something I will defiantly use in the future when I have developed my skills in 3D CAD as it is a fast and accurate way to develop models.


Makerbot 2 Makerbot 1

Laser Cutter Induction

Today I was given my laser cutter induction by Mike. I have previously used laser cutters a lot throughout school and sixth form, so I already know how to use one and how they work. However I took the opportunity to familiarise myself with the ones I will be using over the next 3+ years. From the workshop I learnt basic skills in ‘Corel Draw’ and the different lines and settings that this laser cutter recognises (being different to what I already know previously) from this I created a file for the laser cutter and printed it to 5mm acrylic.

Laser Cutter 1


Stitch Workshop

Today I attended a stitch workshop with Maggie at Llandaff. I originally did not have any interest in textiles as a subject but found the day and activities rather enjoyable. From the day I learnt how to set up and use a sewing machine, first practising different stitches and feeling comfortable with the machine. Then set about completing the task to create an arm bag from a set of instructions. From the workshop experience I found how different subjects in CSAD can collaborate together in projects. This is something I will keep in mind after seeing how textiles have helped product design students in the past.



Going Back to the Clay

20131009_14155520131009_141537 20131009_141608

From Mondays initial construction I was now able to add other parts and detail to the clay as I had let it dry and was now much more workable. I cut and added pieces like the buttons on top and the base, also etched lines into the surface to add extra shape and detail where materials join. The only thing I forgot to do was the line around the middle of the product to simulate it being in two halves. Once I had completed the model I asked Matt for feedback and he said “it was a very good attempt at a first model considering I had not used clay before”. From this I was happy and would have improved bits myself, adding more attention to detail, if I would of had longer to work on the model. I would defiantly use clay again for future models as it a relatively easy and satisfying material to work with.

Introduction to Clay

20131007_123939 20131007_124000

On Monday I was given a workshop by Matt in ceramics on some basic skills how to form and shape clay. I used some of these techniques such as rolling and hollowing out to create this basic shape of my product as seen above. He then recommended to me that I left the clay for several hours to dry out so that I could come back and work with it further and add detail as it would be much easier to handle.