Consellation Conclusion

To conclude the constellation module as a whole this year I would say that I have enjoyed it at times but not so much others. However since starting it at the beginning of the year where I didn’t see any relevance or links between it and product design, I can now see how it is valuable to my degree and being an lead to being an experienced product designer. A highlight of the module has been learning presentation skills from Steve Thompson in the first term, this has got to have been the most key skill I have learnt in constellation in relation to product design.

It is also nice that I was able to write my essay based on a product, but also something that I am interested in, this made it so much more enjoyable. I do appreciate that most of the schools subjects are in one way or another art based or orientated, but I do wish at times this wasn’t forced upon me to learn as its not in my interests or relevance and that product design lectures has a presence as well. I do look forward to gaining a lot from writing this essay and the next two years of the subject with the knowledge and wider awareness it will bring to my practice.


Constellation Tutorial

This afternoon I had my tutorial with Morag to discuss progress on my essay and ideas to push it forward. I found the tutorial really helpful and got some more information that is going to be useful when I begin next week.


Presentation – Formative Feedback

Andrew Hallam ADZ4999 Formative Feedback Sheet

Constellation – Week 9

This week in constellation we presented out ideas for the essay to the class, my topic I will be based around ‘Breitling’ the luxury Swiss watch brand. This is something of interest to me and want to discuss the watch not only as a quality product but also as a time piece and the value of time. With the link to energy and power I will discuss the transfer of energy between human and watch through the automatic winding system along with the power of it in relation to the price and the type of person that owns/uses one. I presented my idea in the form of a mood board shown below.


Constellation – Week 8

I found this weeks constellation really interesting and the best week so far, the topic was based around ‘Eco Art and Design’. I could relate myself to a lot of the topics discussed such as sustainability, as in modern design this is very important aspect to consider when designing/making a product. Fossil fuels and materials greatly link into this, as part of making a new product for market both of these are consumed in a vast amounts along with energy effecting the environment. Its now a selling point to be sustainable and most companies advertise that they are, but are they really? Ikea for example says “more than 2/3 of our cotton came from more sustainable sources.” but that isn’t being completely sustainable is it? What about all the hidden ugliness too in making the products in the first place. I believe in being creative but have respect for the resources and parts of nature you use.

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Constellation – Week 7

This week in constellation the theme of the lecture was wreckage and maintenance with a debate on is a wreckage or structure more interesting? Personally being a designer I find a finished or original structure to be more interesting as its in the form it was intended. Throughout the lecture I found several artists work interesting because of a variety of ways, some because of the scenes and materials used but others because of the message hidden within that I can connect with myself.

buckminsterfuller_1-960x607 imagesHG5U5ZMWdenes_wheatfield

Constellation – Week 6

This week in constellation Morag spoke about Spectacle v’s Ecology and how as designers we are involved in both of these. I was particularly interested in the first part of the lecture where she spoke about how fossil fuels have changed and developed the world through making advances in technology. Also how that different fossil fuels give different technology; such as oil and its bi products for motor cars, coal for steam trains and power stations, gas for central heating systems. This in turn has led to newer and better products but at the sacrifice of ecology and the environment.

A4 4-6-2 4468, Mallard HJ111_350A The Red Arrows display over RAF Scampton