Overall Reflection

Since the beginning of the year, with project 1 and 2 especially where we were finding our feet as designers, I have found and learnt a lot about myself. Firstly I have found many new skills and techniques that I didn’t previously know before coming to university and has made me look at product design in a different and better way. Also what I thought was my design ethos has changed and become more realistic and worthwhile I feel from 9 months ago. When I used to like a product just because it looked really aesthetically pleasing, now I still do the same but look at it again and think why doesn’t it work and how could I take it and make it so it does. I feel I have more of an engineering approach to design now in that I only want to make a product to solve a clear problem and provide a solution that works. As products that don’t do this are a waist of time, money and resources that could be spent doing something more worthwhile, to the stage that these types of products annoy me that they are using these valuable resources for no reason.


Concept 2

Whilst I’m at the gym I find it really annoying that when I’m training and listening to music the wire from my headphones to my phone flaps around on the front of my body. My second concept provides a solution to this problem with a device and wire storage on the back of a hat.

20140529_130402 20140529_130243



Concept 1

A hat that stores stationary to travel with you. Most people find when they are out they need a pen but don’t always have one and if they do they spend ages trying to find it. I myself have this problem and always tend to need a pen or a knife to cut something with when I’m out, hence why I came up with this concept.

20140529_132938 20140529_132810


Making A Hat

Now that we had presented the ethos of ourselves and favourite designers, it was then set that we were to come up with concepts for a hat that would represent ourselves. This would be presented in sketch and model form using the skills we had just learnt in origami folding. I had no idea what to do so started brainstorming ideas I had about myself as if I was to make a product about me, then try and put it into the form of a hat afterwards. I knew I wanted to design a hat that was simple, could be used and solved a problem.


Trying Origami

I have never done Origami before so this was a new experience for me. I have obviously been able to make a paper aeroplane from young and the one below was one which my Grandfather taught me to do many years ago. So I followed a tutorial online of how to make a Origami dragon and I was impressed with what I had achieved for my first time.

20140529_114323 20140529_111006

20140529_113018 20140529_113013


My Designers

After researching and presenting about a designer as a group, we were then asked to make an individual presentation, but with no text, about the designers that we admire and why. I started off with the Coca-Cola bottle and brand, I particularly like this as its something that has changed very little over the past 100+ years and has stood the test of time. I then went on to explain how I like Philippe Starck but only due to the nice products that he makes that are built to last and don’t have planned obsolesce within, however I don’t like how they don’t function very well. After this I spoke about how I admire Sir James Dyson for his strong ambition and determination when no one else had faith in him as well as the innovative and technical designs he produces. But I don’t like that all his products have planned obsolesce within them and tend to break down just after the product warranty runs out. My next designer was Alessi and how I particularly like his products for being bold and abstract. Finally brands such as Rolls Royce and Breitling that are associated with high quality and are surrounded by a special aura are my particular favourites. This is the type of product I would dream to be apart of in my future career as I stand for function over form and if its done correctly the form should follow. I believe its so much more important to have a product that functions correctly and well, as a product that is just aesthetically pleasing wont solve as much of a bigger solution.


My Designers

Reflection On Other Groups Designer’s Presentations

From the presentations that we heard today I enjoyed listening to most of them and found out some new and very interesting facts. One of my particular favourites was the presentation on Ross Lovegrove, as I had never heard of him or researched into his work previously. He is the type of designer I admire much like Phillipe Starck for making very aesthetically pleasing products, that are well built, but may not function as effectively as they could. This is the type of design I would like to produce myself but make sure it function well also. My other favourites were David Kelley and his design company IDEO, I really enjoyed this presentation and it was presented fantastically by the group, very informative and I learned a lot from it and the companies innovation. However after listening to some of the design characteristics of Jonathon Ive and Apple, it had made me dislike the brand even more than I did before. I now want to design to the complete opposite that they do and more like Jaipur Foot that are catering for an actual need in the market.