Group Field Conclusion

I believe that the group field module has provided me with an invaluable experience to learning this year and pushed me out my comfort zone ready for the next 2 years of challenges. Firstly it has given me more friendships within the school that I wouldn’t of had without the module. I now have greater confidence in meeting new people from different disciplines and from this working together in a group collaboration to achieve something at the end of it. I can see how this relates to future employment having to work alongside a graphic designer for example when launching a new product to market, taking their knowledge and opinion into account. Overall I feel the best part of the project for me is the new skills I have learnt in using plaster and ceramics, I feel I am at a level in which I could go into the workshop myself and use the materials in another project and produce a good quality item. Personally I feel I took the lead and ran the project at times, this gives me the confidence that maybe one day I can manage my own employees in business.


Field Group Presentation

This morning was the ending of all the field group work over the past 6-7 weeks and finishing off with a presentation of what we have achieved in this time. The presentation went really well as we discussed every point that we planned on and summed up our experience, but we did forget to mention that we would have made a video rather than a PowerPoint if everything had gone to plan. We now need to carry out our ‘future plans’ for the project to make it complete ready for the final marking in May.


7 Hearts Fired

Over the weekend Bryn put the hearts for firing and collected them earlier on and all 7 fired successfully with no damage. We wont have time to glaze and re fire them as we need them for the presentation and assessment tomorrow, but we do plan on completing them before final submission and personal satisfaction so we have a memory each of the project.

20140326_134004 20140326_134019


Week 6 – Group Collaboration Presentation

This morning the whole group assembled for a discussion about the plans for the final week and a short chat with Jon for some much needed advice. Considering the amount of time left until the presentation next week we thought it was unrealistic that we would have all the hearts fired, glazed and the video made. So decided on making a PowerPoint to demonstrate our process and ideas throughout the project. We would also still complete the project as originally planned for after Easter and the final submission, also for our own satisfaction.


The Heart – Team 1

The Last Heart

I went in early this morning to try and get head start on the group work for the day. But found myself only able to take yesterdays clay out from the mould as I couldn’t find any clay tools.


Even More Clay Pressing

This afternoon after constellation myself and Bryn again returned to his studio to release, join and mould another heart and take the total to 5.

20140306_164701 20140306_164730

Yet Another Heart

This afternoon myself and Bryn returned to his studio to release this mornings clay from the mould and press more in to dry for tomorrow. Each time we joined the halves we found little problems with the joining so tried to improve this on the next attempt to make it easier for ourselves.

20140305_122324 20140305_125756