This morning in CAD mike set two tasks to complete, which this week I found easy to complete and managed to first time. The first being a revolve feature where a shape is revolved around a set number of degrees, this would be a useful for in the future in making models to represent the inside or working features of a product. The second being a sweep function where organic shaped lines can be made into 3D objects such as a snake for examples. I can see the possibility of using both these features in our new light brief that was given later today.



Further 3D CAD

This week in CAD with Mike he set a new task to create a mug, sounds easy, but in fact was a lot harder than what it actually seems. I was able to make the cylindrical part that would hold liquid quite easy but I struggled with revolving the handle. I had to break away from the task and return to it later in the day, when I eventually did manage to complete the mug. I sometimes struggle with Mikes instructions and the tutorials as they are not always as clear as they could be and find it better to get advice from my peers, this is how I managed to complete the mug handle in the end.


Progression in 3D CAD

Following the last CAD session, today Mike set an activity to begin making a 3D model of a workshop vice from dimensions and step by step instructions. Mike also set us a personal task to finish the slide mechanism and paint the object with no help from him. From doing this slightly challenging exercise I have realised that I can make most objects easily from building up shapes on different planes, extruding and intruding them and chamfering edges. CAD is something which I want to build on by doing tutorials as I feel I am a lot stronger at this than sketching and will be able to communicate my ideas more effectively through CAD.


Introduction to 3D CAD

I had previously never done any 3D CAD in school only 2D, so this was my first experience of it and also Solid Edge. Mike, the technical demonstrator in product design, took us for the lecture and taught us some basic skills in the software. This included: the shape and line tools, extruding and dimensioning them to create general shapes to build upon. I now feel comfortable using the software with the basis to build on these skills myself.