Overall Reflection

Since the beginning of the year, with project 1 and 2 especially where we were finding our feet as designers, I have found and learnt a lot about myself. Firstly I have found many new skills and techniques that I didn’t previously know before coming to university and has made me look at product design in a different and better way. Also what I thought was my design ethos has changed and become more realistic and worthwhile I feel from 9 months ago. When I used to like a product just because it looked really aesthetically pleasing, now I still do the same but look at it again and think why doesn’t it work and how could I take it and make it so it does. I feel I have more of an engineering approach to design now in that I only want to make a product to solve a clear problem and provide a solution that works. As products that don’t do this are a waist of time, money and resources that could be spent doing something more worthwhile, to the stage that these types of products annoy me that they are using these valuable resources for no reason.


Favourite Project Poster

I chose project 4 as my favourite project and have done this poster with images only to show the stages I went through.

Favourite Project Poster

Consellation Conclusion

To conclude the constellation module as a whole this year I would say that I have enjoyed it at times but not so much others. However since starting it at the beginning of the year where I didn’t see any relevance or links between it and product design, I can now see how it is valuable to my degree and being an lead to being an experienced product designer. A highlight of the module has been learning presentation skills from Steve Thompson in the first term, this has got to have been the most key skill I have learnt in constellation in relation to product design.

It is also nice that I was able to write my essay based on a product, but also something that I am interested in, this made it so much more enjoyable. I do appreciate that most of the schools subjects are in one way or another art based or orientated, but I do wish at times this wasn’t forced upon me to learn as its not in my interests or relevance and that product design lectures has a presence as well. I do look forward to gaining a lot from writing this essay and the next two years of the subject with the knowledge and wider awareness it will bring to my practice.

Individual Field Conclusion

Compared to the first terms project I enjoyed this field module much more as I prefer to do a longer and more detailed project than a short one. I did find it difficult at the beginning as the brief was very open but once I had chosen my track things started to fall into place. This term has also helped me set the pace and standard I need to be working at next year to achieve the grade I wanted by the end of my three years. The topic of the project has been very enjoyable as it’s something I chose myself and of a personal interest so haven’t had a dull moment. The most valuable skill I have learnt in this part of the module is using CAD and in particular SolidWorks in a lot more detail to achieve a good standard presentation board. My hand sketching and rendering has dramatically improved since the first term, which has developed through practise, different techniques that I hadn’t previously been introduced to and project work. I cant wait to start next year’s field module as I have learnt so much about myself and my knowledge has grown and I want to put all of this into practise and improve next year.

Group Field Conclusion

I believe that the group field module has provided me with an invaluable experience to learning this year and pushed me out my comfort zone ready for the next 2 years of challenges. Firstly it has given me more friendships within the school that I wouldn’t of had without the module. I now have greater confidence in meeting new people from different disciplines and from this working together in a group collaboration to achieve something at the end of it. I can see how this relates to future employment having to work alongside a graphic designer for example when launching a new product to market, taking their knowledge and opinion into account. Overall I feel the best part of the project for me is the new skills I have learnt in using plaster and ceramics, I feel I am at a level in which I could go into the workshop myself and use the materials in another project and produce a good quality item. Personally I feel I took the lead and ran the project at times, this gives me the confidence that maybe one day I can manage my own employees in business.

CAD – Final Design

Since returning back from the Easter break I have spent all week creating my CAD features board, in context and exploded view with bill of materials boards.

In Context Features Board

Exploaded View and Bill of Materials 2

Constellation Tutorial

This afternoon I had my tutorial with Morag to discuss progress on my essay and ideas to push it forward. I found the tutorial really helpful and got some more information that is going to be useful when I begin next week.