Overall Reflection

Since the beginning of the year, with project 1 and 2 especially where we were finding our feet as designers, I have found and learnt a lot about myself. Firstly I have found many new skills and techniques that I didn’t previously know before coming to university and has made me look at product design in a different and better way. Also what I thought was my design ethos has changed and become more realistic and worthwhile I feel from 9 months ago. When I used to like a product just because it looked really aesthetically pleasing, now I still do the same but look at it again and think why doesn’t it work and how could I take it and make it so it does. I feel I have more of an engineering approach to design now in that I only want to make a product to solve a clear problem and provide a solution that works. As products that don’t do this are a waist of time, money and resources that could be spent doing something more worthwhile, to the stage that these types of products annoy me that they are using these valuable resources for no reason.


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