Consellation Conclusion

To conclude the constellation module as a whole this year I would say that I have enjoyed it at times but not so much others. However since starting it at the beginning of the year where I didn’t see any relevance or links between it and product design, I can now see how it is valuable to my degree and being an lead to being an experienced product designer. A highlight of the module has been learning presentation skills from Steve Thompson in the first term, this has got to have been the most key skill I have learnt in constellation in relation to product design.

It is also nice that I was able to write my essay based on a product, but also something that I am interested in, this made it so much more enjoyable. I do appreciate that most of the schools subjects are in one way or another art based or orientated, but I do wish at times this wasn’t forced upon me to learn as its not in my interests or relevance and that product design lectures has a presence as well. I do look forward to gaining a lot from writing this essay and the next two years of the subject with the knowledge and wider awareness it will bring to my practice.


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