Individual Field Conclusion

Compared to the first terms project I enjoyed this field module much more as I prefer to do a longer and more detailed project than a short one. I did find it difficult at the beginning as the brief was very open but once I had chosen my track things started to fall into place. This term has also helped me set the pace and standard I need to be working at next year to achieve the grade I wanted by the end of my three years. The topic of the project has been very enjoyable as it’s something I chose myself and of a personal interest so haven’t had a dull moment. The most valuable skill I have learnt in this part of the module is using CAD and in particular SolidWorks in a lot more detail to achieve a good standard presentation board. My hand sketching and rendering has dramatically improved since the first term, which has developed through practise, different techniques that I hadn’t previously been introduced to and project work. I cant wait to start next year’s field module as I have learnt so much about myself and my knowledge has grown and I want to put all of this into practise and improve next year.


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