Group Field Conclusion

I believe that the group field module has provided me with an invaluable experience to learning this year and pushed me out my comfort zone ready for the next 2 years of challenges. Firstly it has given me more friendships within the school that I wouldn’t of had without the module. I now have greater confidence in meeting new people from different disciplines and from this working together in a group collaboration to achieve something at the end of it. I can see how this relates to future employment having to work alongside a graphic designer for example when launching a new product to market, taking their knowledge and opinion into account. Overall I feel the best part of the project for me is the new skills I have learnt in using plaster and ceramics, I feel I am at a level in which I could go into the workshop myself and use the materials in another project and produce a good quality item. Personally I feel I took the lead and ran the project at times, this gives me the confidence that maybe one day I can manage my own employees in business.


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