Final Design Sketches

During the Easter break I also completed my last 3 final design sketches in relation to my feedback from the formative assessment before the holidays. I came up with a basic concept for raising all the seats in a single carriage by a hydraulics system in the walls of the train. So the operator would now only have to push a button to raise and lower the seat, then would have to lift or drop the backs into place along with folding out the base support. This does still involve manual work but doesn’t require much effort, especially compared to having to lift the complete seat upwards. As part of my design I wanted to make the carriage more organised so included a new seating plan and graphics design for the station floor.




Completed Final Model

Over the Easter holidays I took my model home to finish off to a presentable quality.

20140502_102911 20140502_102919

Presentation – Formative Feedback

Andrew Hallam ADZ4999 Formative Feedback Sheet