Constellation – Week 8

I found this weeks constellation really interesting and the best week so far, the topic was based around ‘Eco Art and Design’. I could relate myself to a lot of the topics discussed such as sustainability, as in modern design this is very important aspect to consider when designing/making a product. Fossil fuels and materials greatly link into this, as part of making a new product for market both of these are consumed in a vast amounts along with energy effecting the environment. Its now a selling point to be sustainable and most companies advertise that they are, but are they really? Ikea for example says “more than 2/3 of our cotton came from more sustainable sources.” but that isn’t being completely sustainable is it? What about all the hidden ugliness too in making the products in the first place. I believe in being creative but have respect for the resources and parts of nature you use.

c2c-frame-and-tbl imagesX7D4BGLT


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