Constellation – Week 9

This week in constellation we presented out ideas for the essay to the class, my topic I will be based around ‘Breitling’ the luxury Swiss watch brand. This is something of interest to me and want to discuss the watch not only as a quality product but also as a time piece and the value of time. With the link to energy and power I will discuss the transfer of energy between human and watch through the automatic winding system along with the power of it in relation to the price and the type of person that owns/uses one. I presented my idea in the form of a mood board shown below.



Formative Assessment

This morning we had our formative assessments with Martijn, he gave me good feedback and similar to Paul he liked the concept to a obvious problem and my simple solution. He suggested that I looked for inspiration in compact and fold away camping equipment to see if I could make the folding chair anymore efficient or easier to manufacture and operate. As well as this I could consider in making the whole system automated from a control panel to reduce setting up and collapsing time. Finally to strengthen my concept of standing in commuting times, ask regular train users if they would be happy to travel in this way.

Final Design Sketches

I spent this weekend sketching out my final design: in context, features board and orthographic views, ready for assessment over the next two days. For final submission I still need to complete a hand drawn seating plan of the carriage set along with these sketches.

img023 img022



Final Stages of Detailed Model

Today I spent all day finishing off my final model, I am not totally happy with the finish on the materials but I feel it communicates the function well. However I do plan to paint the whole model before final submission as I believe this will improve the appearance. Adding to what I completed yesterday, I found some soft foam which I cut and stuck onto the seating area to add a textured effect. I also made a section of a scaled down carriage to half window height which I attached the seats into to get a feel of context and added arm rests for a feature.


Progress With Final Model

I spent this afternoon fixing the base and back together with the hinge and getting the chair to fold correctly. I had difficulty doing this as I had bevelled the seating area to add effect, but I eventually got it correct. After this I plastered the whole model to fill all the holes and gaps in ready for painting, however I forgot to take a picture of this. I also cut out two more seats that would be stuck in the folded position to show the completed standing platform when the other two are folded.

20140320_175354 20140320_175412 20140320_175450

20140320_175502 20140320_175515

Constellation – Week 8

I found this weeks constellation really interesting and the best week so far, the topic was based around ‘Eco Art and Design’. I could relate myself to a lot of the topics discussed such as sustainability, as in modern design this is very important aspect to consider when designing/making a product. Fossil fuels and materials greatly link into this, as part of making a new product for market both of these are consumed in a vast amounts along with energy effecting the environment. Its now a selling point to be sustainable and most companies advertise that they are, but are they really? Ikea for example says “more than 2/3 of our cotton came from more sustainable sources.” but that isn’t being completely sustainable is it? What about all the hidden ugliness too in making the products in the first place. I believe in being creative but have respect for the resources and parts of nature you use.

c2c-frame-and-tbl imagesX7D4BGLT

Blue Foam Seating

For most of today and yesterday afternoon I was creating the blue foam parts that would replicate the soft seating area of the chair and gluing them into place. I also bevelled the soft area to add detail and started to make the sides of the head rests, all this will need to be filled, sanded and painted to leave a good standard of finish.

20140319_142104 20140319_142151