First Week Group Collaboration

After 3 weeks into the new term it was time to start the group part of the field module. I was a bit sceptical about this as I don’t like working with people that don’t pull their weight in a group, as I always feel that we could have done better. Also when meeting new people I feel out of my comfort zone especially from different disciplines, as I wonder if we will agree on things and enjoy the project. However today went pretty well and I hope the good work continues!

To get to know our group members we were set a 24 hour task that was to be presented the next morning to everyone in the migration group. Keeping with the theme migration the brief was to come up with an item that summed up our view of the topic. From this we brainstormed ideas of what was migration, our best skills and what our own field projects were on. From this we made a wire structure heart, this would symbolise that we are all in common and would move around with different stories and people would add and take from it much like a bottle released at sea.


Group members blogs:

Bryn Richards –

Josh Maskell –

Osian Davies-


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