3D Concept Models

Today I started to bring to life some of my more complex concept ideas into 3D with blue foam.

20140228_144748 20140228_144803

Double Decker Train                                             Side Door Opening

20140228_144714 20140228_14472020140228_144700

All Table/Work Desk Seating

20140228_144601 20140228_144618 20140228_144627

First Class with Separated Section Containing: Toilet, Vending Machine and Wheelchair and Bike Storage.


Constellation – Week 5

This week in constellation the group had a trip to The National Museum of Wales, this was to inspire us and hopefully make a starting point for pieces of art and design to discuss in our upcoming essay. I did find a few pieces of work that I thought were interesting but no paintings that were. I would have liked to look around the Art Nouveau and Art Deco sections of the museum, as maybe there would be something there more suited to my interests, but we didn’t have enough time. Morag deconstructed several pieces explaining how that tastes from different times influenced how a piece may be ordered or disordered and how it could show wealth, power and energy.


20140227_152619 20140227_153148 20140227_153151

First 4 Concept Sketches

20140311_162043 20140311_162057

20140311_162115 20140311_162137

A New Approach

After having a lot of difficulty with the slip casting method and there not being enough slip clay available over the past couple of days. Me and Bryn decided to roll out clay and try pressing it into the mould to see if it has the same effect. If it works this process will be much quicker to manufacture, however we will  have to stick the two parts together which adds another difficult process. So far the method went well but will have to see tomorrow if it has dried effectively.


Train Carriage Modelling

After the collaboration meeting I spent the afternoon making the train carriage model. I will use this to replicate the space inside a standard train carriage and make seating and standing parts to try and make the most efficient use of the space.



Collaboration Meeting

This afternoon the team met for a discussion of progress on the project. Osian presented his ideas for the illustrative design that will be printed on the outside and we agreed a new plan for what designs the group wanted. As the slip casting attempts aren’t going so well and are taking up so much time we have decided to focus on making 2/3 hearts and designs for these, anything more than this is a bonus. So by the deadline we hope to have at least: collaboration heart, tech heart and stereotypical heart with a video for presentation day.


Casting 3rd Attempt

Later this afternoon myself and Bryn once again returned to ceramics to part the mould and see if the clay had cast correct. Once again it wasn’t 100% perfect but was much better than the previous attempts. We will be doing another cast tomorrow morning and adjusting the drying times to see if that has any impact on the clay sinking.