Starting Secondary Research

From my ethnographic research I found problems with congestion and mass amounts of people trying to fit into a small place all at once whilst trying to get organised. As well as this personally I find myself stressed when travelling with luggage because of all the people its hard to get comfortable, also on long journeys I find myself uncomfortable and often bored. So I looked online to see if I could find any articles to support any of my theories on train travel and came back with rather a quite a number:


Autumn 2011 Overcrowding


Autumn 2012 Overcrowding Nation Rail Travel Survey – Pages 6,14,15,19,21,22


National Rail Passenger Survey

National Rail Passenger Survey (NRPS) – Autumn 2013 Main Report – 21 January 2014

National Rail Passenger Survey (NRPS) at a glance – Great Britain wide – Autumn 2013


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