Tommy’s Bar Show

Part of the project 4 submission was to present our work, with a QR code linking to our poster, at Tommy’s Bar to see what everyone else had achieved in the project and to enjoy the end of term. Below are a few of my favourite lights presented including my own.


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Square Radiance


My Finished Working Prototype Fab Lab Lamp

20131209_163513 20131209_163456

20131210_142901 20131210_142851

Manufacturing The Slides And Sides

I decided to make the whole lamp from acrylic and cut it on the laser cutter as it’s a Fab Lab piece of equipment. The outside of the lamp being white 3mm and the slides being 3mm and 5mm of different colours. I was going to make the outside from plywood to give it a geeky fabrication look with the burn marks from the laser cutter but after thinking about it I thought it may clash with the bright coloured plastic slides. Another reason for going with the acrylic was that its translucent so will emit some light and I chose the colour white because its a colour that has recently come back into fashion.




CAD For The Slides

I designed a range of slides with different colours, shapes and patterns for the slots within the lamp. They ranged from science images to different textures with engraving and random shapes in nature. I designed each slide for a specific slot but they can each be swapped around to give different effects with light projection and shadows.

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Untitled3 Untitled2



CAD Model and Sides


3D representation of my working prototype lamp, if I had more time I would have liked to have watched a tutorial of how to render the image and place it in a setting then do it myself. This is something I will learn to do in CAD and put it into practise in my next project.




2D drawings used for the sides and base of the accurate card model and final working prototype.


Soft Models

Now I knew my exact direct in the project it was time to start making models and figuring out exact sizes and where the slots were going to go for the slides. I made the model from card and drew and cut out the slots to what looked best and would overlap correctly. I did a rough one by hand and guillotine first then put the dimensions into 2D CAD and cut it out of card again for an accuracy test before I did the final one.

20131206_141019 20131209_161634

20131209_161719 20131209_161707