3 Developed Ideas

From the results of the 1st matrix evaluation we then each took the 3 best ideas and developed them further with sketches and drawings, this is what I came up with:

20131030_113324 20131114_152957

First was taking Carys’s straw concept and making it more interactive to the child. There would be a selection of shapes and flavours that the child could choose from being a fruit or their favourite TV character. They would then take this piece which would have the flavouring in and insert it into the straw and drink the water through it.




The second was my own idea of the mood lit cupboard. I took this idea further by having removable shelves within the cupboards this would then limit the amount of food that the person would want to have in a particular food category. E.g.: smaller cupboard for high fat and sugar foods and bigger spaces for fruit and vegetables. Chilled draws would also be included for foods that would need to be preserved this way.


The third idea was Joe’s diet planner, I took this idea and integrated it into the kitchen firstly with a built in TV on the wall. This would be the centre of the system and would hold everyone’s information and progress and suggest hints how to improve. It would also double up as a television and also a recipe planner to work through whilst cooking. This would be partnered with an app which could be used on mobile phones and tablets where the individual enters data throughout the day.


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