3 Concept Ideas

From our group research we then came up with 3-4 concept ideas each of what would solve the problem and match the brief. My three rough ideas were:


My first idea being kitchen cupboards that are mood lit to show how healthy the food is (red=high fat or sugar foods etc). This will have a physiological impact on the person as they will automatically associate the colour with the meaning making them more aware of what they are eating.


My second idea being a reward system for children so that they receive a token every time they are active or eat healthy to place into the device and when full they are rewarded with a chosen gift by the parent.


My third idea was a typical bar stool often found in most kitchens but with a compartment under to grow herbs and other small edible plants. This would provide and educational tool for the parents to teach their children but also something to include into meals.

Finally my fourth idea is a printed GDA (guideline daily amounts) pie chat onto a dinner set. This would help portion meals more accurately as it would remind and educate people how much of each food type they should have.


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