My Designers

After researching and presenting about a designer as a group, we were then asked to make an individual presentation, but with no text, about the designers that we admire and why. I started off with the Coca-Cola bottle and brand, I particularly like this as its something that has changed very little over the past 100+ years and has stood the test of time. I then went on to explain how I like Philippe Starck but only due to the nice products that he makes that are built to last and don’t have planned obsolesce within, however I don’t like how they don’t function very well. After this I spoke about how I admire Sir James Dyson for his strong ambition and determination when no one else had faith in him as well as the innovative and technical designs he produces. But I don’t like that all his products have planned obsolesce within them and tend to break down just after the product warranty runs out. My next designer was Alessi and how I particularly like his products for being bold and abstract. Finally brands such as Rolls Royce and Breitling that are associated with high quality and are surrounded by a special aura are my particular favourites. This is the type of product I would dream to be apart of in my future career as I stand for function over form and if its done correctly the form should follow. I believe its so much more important to have a product that functions correctly and well, as a product that is just aesthetically pleasing wont solve as much of a bigger solution.


My Designers


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