Reflection On Other Groups Designer’s Presentations

From the presentations that we heard today I enjoyed listening to most of them and found out some new and very interesting facts. One of my particular favourites was the presentation on Ross Lovegrove, as I had never heard of him or researched into his work previously. He is the type of designer I admire much like Phillipe Starck for making very aesthetically pleasing products, that are well built, but may not function as effectively as they could. This is the type of design I would like to produce myself but make sure it function well also. My other favourites were David Kelley and his design company IDEO, I really enjoyed this presentation and it was presented fantastically by the group, very informative and I learned a lot from it and the companies innovation. However after listening to some of the design characteristics of Jonathon Ive and Apple, it had made me dislike the brand even more than I did before. I now want to design to the complete opposite that they do and more like Jaipur Foot that are catering for an actual need in the market.


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