Going Back to the Clay

20131009_14155520131009_141537 20131009_141608

From Mondays initial construction I was now able to add other parts and detail to the clay as I had let it dry and was now much more workable. I cut and added pieces like the buttons on top and the base, also etched lines into the surface to add extra shape and detail where materials join. The only thing I forgot to do was the line around the middle of the product to simulate it being in two halves. Once I had completed the model I asked Matt for feedback and he said “it was a very good attempt at a first model considering I had not used clay before”. From this I was happy and would have improved bits myself, adding more attention to detail, if I would of had longer to work on the model. I would defiantly use clay again for future models as it a relatively easy and satisfying material to work with.


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