Constellation Week 2

This week in constellation the main lecture was based around William Morris (1834-1896). After listening to the lecture I found myself inspired by Morris and wish to carry some of his philosophy’s into my own work. I find it amazing how that even over 100 years ago a lot of his theories still stand today and how his work still comes in and out of fashion. Another aspect of Morris that I am inspired by is how he was multi skilled and start off as an artist an developed into a ‘Morris the manufacturer’. The final thing that I find most unique about Morris is how he named and credited each of his workers for what they had created. This is especially special as this is a rare occurrence in todays organisation but something I believe should stand.

Following the lecture, later on in the study skills session with Steve Thomson we learnt key presentation skills for a successful presentation. Steve showed us that you need a central core of which your point is and you develop your spiral to suite the purpose of the presentation.  As well as this everyone has different techniques of presenting and its a matter of finding your own that you are most comfortable with.


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