Constellation Week 1

This week in constellation we were initially introduced to the ideas of ‘post perspective’ and the different techniques artists and designers use to make their designs and images stand out. The 4 we were introduced to:

– ‘The multiplication of views and viewpoints’ – The use of different vanishing points.

– ‘Adopting a none-human viewpoint’ – What’s the focus point? Where is it taken from?

– ‘Doubling and repetition’ – No viewpoint possible. Split images that you cant combine.

– ‘Historical Perspective’

Later on in the afternoon study skills lesson with Dr. Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos. He taught us the idea that now we have to be interdisciplinary in what we do as that is the way the world and industry is heading. 50 years ago it was the idea that everyone worked separate in their area of skill but now we are joining together to make a better products or services no matter what area an individual is skilled or specialised in. It is much better to all work together not only to create a better outcome at the end but also for the purpose of meeting new people from different walks of life as you will always have something to learn from them and gain.

He also went on to explain about design and colours how that different shapes, colours and images automatically have a meaning to us just from what we associate with them. Also how it is hard to move away from these associations as they are built into our brains and when we try to move away from these and describe them in a different way this can help us in a design process.


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